For students and entrepreneurs alike, we carry around a couple of essential devices that help us with everyday productivity. While technology has come a long way-enhancing our devices for portability, it often lacks the battery life that we otherwise demand-to keep up of course with our demanding usage. So for my first blog I’d like to show you what I bought off Amazon Canada.

I like to be very practical when buying gadgets, often selecting products that are most cost effective that will yield the most utility. So prior to buying anything, I do thorough research frequently comparing alternative devices in the same category. Once I decide on a device, it is a routine of mine to check out different outlets where it would be available for price comparison. I am an online shopper when it comes to technology and the main online retailers I usually shop at are Amazon and AliExpress.

I bought a couple of things with Amazon, first the Vinsic power bank, the Vinsic power charger, and an Aukey Quick Charge 3.0 USB Car Charger for my frequent long drives. I’m an Amazon Student Prime member (free 6-month trial), so I get the benefits of 2-day shipping and next day or same day (if applicable) for free even on weekends. You can try Amazon Student Prime here for a 6-month trial.

Just FYI, most power banks do not come with a power charger, so you’d have to purchase the power charger separately like I did.

The Vinsic I selected is the 20000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 version. The box comes with a micro USB and user manual documents and a thank you card. The ports included are:

  • QC 3.0,
  • 2.4 A, and
  • Type-C

The build material is plastic, but is glazed with a matte black and silver finish, adding a sleek look. It is not small by any means which is to be expected considering the capacity it holds, but does have a slim form factor. Below you will see a comparison of it next to an iPad mini 4. The factors that influenced my purchase is the capacity, the future proof addition of the Type-C port and latest QC 3.0, as well as the LED power remaining indicator. There are no buttons, to check the battery remaining, just simply touch the area beside the 2.4 A port and it will automatically appear. Mine came 75% charged.

There are many Vinsic power chargers, but you have to be very selective and ensure that it is the right one for your power bank. For instance, since the power bank I selected has a high capacity, I needed to buy the QC 3.0 compatible charger. According to Vinsic, by using the micro port QC 3.0 accompanied with the QC 3.0 power charger, I can charge my power bank from 0% to 100% from 4-5 hours, as oppose to 7-10 hours with a Type-C port wall charger.

The Vinsic power charger is compact and travel friendly as it is equipped with the foldable plug similar to Apple’s iPad power chargers. It also offers international voltage compatibility (AC 100-240V). When plugged and used for charging a green LED light flashes.

The Aukey QC 3.0 USB car charger I bought is a regular sized USB car charger. It has a glossy black finish and offers a 2.4 A and QC 3.0 port. I bought this as my fiance and I frequently go on spontaneous long drives. Really worth it for people who need fast charging on a 30 minute + commute.

Below is a comparison of the power chargers next to the Apple iPad wall charger.

I initially discovered this brand on AliExpress as they offered a white version. Unfortunately due to shipping issues my order was cancelled. I’m glad I found this on Amazon, as I saved the excruciating wait times of AliExpress S&H. Amazon however does not offer this in white nor the option for an EU plug (wall charger).

I hope this was helpful, if you have questions be sure to comment below and good luck on your power bank search.